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SPARKLES are small reflective shaped discs that are fitted to a specially designed plastic holder that are then fixed to a backing panel, which can also be printed to a colour of your choice. The size of a “Sparkles” display product has no limit, whether you want a small display or wish to cover a large area anything is possible.  Sparkles backing panels can be shaped also, there are no limitations to what is possible!

The effect of Sparkles is quite simply stunning!  These small discs shimmer, move and reflect light with the slightest breeze day or night catching attention is guaranteed.  Sparkles are manufactured directly from our company from start to finish or can be supplied in kit form.  It is our belief that we offer a far superior product to anything similar on the market and offering you a far more cost effective product plus the added benefit of taking your idea from concept through to installation if required.


Discs can be any choices of colour, size or shape depending on your requirements however stock shapes and those highly popular are hexagons and circles, available in two different sizes depending on your requirements. We can also oer custom shaping of Sparkles so if you wanted stars, a bottle shape, a car, or smiley face this can be done for you also. The sky is the limit with this unique and stunning product.


To see Sparkles in “real time” action, simply click on the links below :

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